It’s Good For Soup
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It’s Good For Soup

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new site, new start

I have been working on comics for essentially my whole life.  more specifically I’ve been posting on hosting sites for 3 years while I worked on getting into graduate school.  in that time I failed twice to return to education, but I’ve been teaching myself anything I can about comics and what can turn it from a hobby to career.  so now, a new website, for me, but also for you. obviously I love comics, but I also love seeing people enjoy them.  comics have a great power to remove us from ourselves,  pulling us into a whole new world or into another person’s life.  through that we can be entertained, laugh, relate or feel conflicted by whatever’s happening in those few panels. in admiration of that ability I’ve pursued comics and hope to make them a Career in the future.  For now, this website where you can waste a few moments enjoying them is enough. and if you want […]

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